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Don’t waste your time interviewing every job candidate that looks good on paper

Posted by InfoStride on May 18, 2020 4:37:13 PM

Noah Wasserman, Professor of Clinical Entrepreneurship at the University of Southern California, estimates that 65% of growth companies fail due to people problems. Most of it is mostly dues to wrong hires, people in the wrong roles, or lousy culture. We need to use science - not just our gut and 'looks good on paper' factors to drive the hiring process. If you’ve been burned in the past by job candidates that just didn’t work out, then it’s completely reasonable to feel frustrated and apprehensive about making a new hire.

At Infostride, we use a proven methodology to increase the hiring success rate for our clients, which requires focus, committing to an objective, and a standardized framework for our recruitment team. Along with our AI/ML driven 'Applicant Tracking System', our technical team is experienced in filtering out candidates with 'resume hacks'. That way, our team can remove unqualified candidates from consideration early.  For e.g, we conduct short internal assessments for IT candidates. We test them on the technology stack(s) they’ll be using in their day-to-day job duties. These assessments could be as simple as a 5-minute technical phone screen, or a timed evaluation comprised of technical questions. Sometimes we also give our candidates written tests, which might ask questions about how they would solve specific problems or handle different work-related situations. By giving all of the candidates the same assessments, we can better compare them against one another, ultimately allowing us to make a better decision to present them to client(s).

The companies need to view recruitment as 'investment', not as a 'cost' to bring in best of the talent. The return on investment in people is greater than the return on any other resource.


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