5 reasons why restaurants need a mobile app

5 Reasons Why Restaurants Need a Mobile App | Infostride

Posted by InfoStride on Feb 20, 2020 3:56:10 AM

Time has gone when a customer was calling and walking down to a restaurant for reservation or to order food. As technology is growing by leaps and bounds, so are the restaurants. The way users search for a restaurant these days has fundamentally changed. A recently organized survey on 5000 users shows that 80% of the users these days are preferentially using mobile apps to search for a restaurant or food in their local area.

So, it brings an opportunity for all restaurant owners to take advantage of and showcase their services and offerings to their customers through a Mobile App. A nicely-created app will not only help users to find their favorite food or restaurants but also create a strong brand image in a highly competitive market.

Restaurant apps market share has been increased significantly in recent years and the demand for mobile application development is rising at an exponential rate. Certainly, the restaurant owners who adapt to the mobile-ready model will be going to dominate the market.

Before we dig into the benefits of having a mobile app, let’s first have a look at some stats showing, why you should have the mobile app for your restaurant business:


why you should have the mobile app for your restaurant business
  • 52% of the dinners prefer to use Restaurant’s own branded app over the third-party food ordering apps.

  • 56% of consumers prefer restaurants to deliver food to their homes.

  • Pizza chains reported an exponential growth (18%) in an online spend/mobile orders.

  • 81% of adults use mobile devices to search for restaurants in their locality.

  • 25% of the consumers prefer tableside ordering and payment system.

There are numerous reasons to adopt mobile apps in the restaurant industry. Let's have a look at the top 5:


  1. Brand Awareness: The most important and strong reason for having a mobile app for your restaurant is brand visibility, which helps you to reach out to your customers in your locality in numerous ways. The mobile app will always be on their phone and reminds them about your business and scrumptious food they have had in the past.Restaurant brand awareness
  2. Retargeting Existing Customers: From the marketing perspective, it is an important factor you should consider while making up your mind to go for a mobile app. With an app, you will have all the control on the user’s app and mind. You can send them the push notifications about the new offers and events occurring at your restaurant. This will be a huge benefit and you can re-engage with your existing customers to provide them with the reasons to reorder from your restaurant.Retargeting restaurant customers
  3. Online Reservations: It has been always a hassle for the customers to make a reservation at their favorite restaurants. The mobile app makes this whole reservation process super convenient by providing your customers with the power to book a table for them from the comfort of their home.online restaurant reservations
  4. Better Payment Processing: Online payments always delights both customers and owners. Your customer can pay easily and directly via an app and you can free up some employees looking after the payments process and utilize them for more critical tasks that will increase the overall productivity of your restaurant in terms of processing more orders.Restaurants payment processing methods
  5. Effectively get Customer Feedback: Customer’s instant feedback on your service can help you make your service even better by identifying the areas where you’re lacking. Your continuous improvements in the service will leave an impact on your customers that you care for them.rating

How much a customized mobile app will cost you?

It totally depends upon the complexity of the mobile app, the features you would like to incorporate into it, and the number of developers involved in the project development. Based on our years of experience in mobile app development, we would suggest you gather all the requirements and schedule a call with our experts to discuss an opportunity.

Do you already have the requirements? Submit your information below and our experts will get in touch with you!


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